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China Yasta export granite from india, Italy, Brazil, England,South Africa,USA etc, the granite products can be Tiles, Slabs, countertops, vanitytop, stone sink, Shower Panel, stone carving, mosaic, tombstone, Window Sill, Tombstones Fireplace, Paving stone, Fountain, etc. Pls chose the products you like make to the products you want.

Our granite materials include: Tan Brown, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Carioca Gold. Giallo Fiorito, Tropical Brown, Uba Tuba, Carmen Red, African Red, Orion Blue, Bethel White, Raw silk, Brown Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Giallo Antico, White Galaxy, Saint Luis, Paradiso, Giallo SF real, Samoa, Rosa Fantasy etc. These colors granite are so popular around.They are widely used to make to tiles,slabs, countertops, vanity tops. You can chose granite Tan Brown,Blue Pearl,Giallo Fiorito,Ubatb,Emerald pear to make to counterops, we have so much experience to make them.These granite colors are also so popular in USA. They are very suitalbe to make to Bathroom vanity tops.Have more colors.

Find granite tiles,slabs,counterops,bathroom vanity supplier. Chose China Yasta Stone Company,we will ofer you high quality,competitive price,good service.

Granite Colors

Absolute Black Tiles slabs, Mongolia Black Tiles slabs,Shanxi Black Tiles slabs,China Black,Yasta Landscape Tiles slabs, Maple Red, Butterfly Green Tiles slabs, HuiDong Red Tiles slabs, Huian White Tiles slabs, China Brown Tiles slabs, Oasis Blue Tiles slabs,JiangXi Green, Sage Green Tiles slabs,PanXi Blue, Wave White, Xili Red, Tianshan Red, Guilin Red, Tiger Skin White, Tiger Skin Red, Tiger Skin Rust, Zhangpu rust Tiles slabs, Chrysanthemum Yellow Tiles slabs, Peacock Green Tiles slabs, Leopard Skin Tiles slabs, Moss Green Tiles slabs, G602 Tiles slabs , G603 Mountain White, G623 Snow Grey , G633, G635( Peach Rose) Tiles slabs, G636 Beige Rose Tiles slabs, G639, G640(Salt &Pepper) Tiles slabs, G687 Tiles slabs, G648 Tiles slabs, G4563 Tiles slabs,China Green Tiles slabs,G696 Tiles slabs, G654 Tiles slabs, G655 Tiles slabs, G664 (Bainbrook Brown) Tiles slabs, G687(Bainbrook Peach) Tiles slabs, G617 (Almond Cream) Tiles slabs, G663 Tiles slabs, G379 Tiles slabs,Chengde Green Tiles slabs,G513 Tiles slabs, G611 Tiles slabs, G606 Tiles slabs, G681(Beige Cream) Tiles slabs, G682(Golden Yellow) Tiles slabs,Tan Brown Tiles slabs,G682(Gold Coast) Tiles slabs, Baltic Brown Tiles slabs, Blue Pearl Tiles slabs, Carioca Gold Tiles slabs. Kashmir White Tiles slabs , Kashmir Gold Tiles slabs, Giallo Fiorito Tiles slabs, Tropical Brown Tiles slabs, Uba Tuba Tiles slabs,China Butterfly Green Tiles slabs,Carmen Red Tiles slabs, African Red Tiles slabs, Black Galaxy Tiles slabs, Orion Blue Tiles slabs, Bethel White Tiles slabs, Raw silk Tiles slabs, Brown Pearl Tiles slabs, Emerald Pearl Tiles slabs, Giallo Antico Tiles slabs, White Galaxy Tiles slabs, Saint Luis Tiles slabs, Paradiso Tiles slabs, Giallo SF real Tiles slabs, Samoa Tiles slabs, Rosa Fantasy Tiles slabs,Rosa Fantasy Granite.

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