Black granite,Absolute Black,China Black,Black Galaxy.
Black granite in world include Absolute black,Black galaxy,China black(Mogolia black),Fengzhen black,Brazil Black pearl,Inida Black pearl,G684(It called black pearl and Fuding black in China), Emerald Peal. Nero Belfast.These colors black granite are so popular in the world. China Yasta Stone Company is a leading manufacturer and exporter of black granite.We have black colors granite include Absolute black,China black,China black Pearl(G684), Emerald Peal. These colors granite is suitable to tiles, slabs, countertops, bath vanity, sink,basin, bowl, tombstone etc.If you like these proudcts pls feel free to contact us. Email:
absolute black
Absolute Blck
Absolute Black (Shanxi black) Granite

Absolute Black granite is called Shanxi Black in China.Sometimes it is also called absolutely black.It is the best pure black granite in the World.We own a quarry of of absolute black in Shanxi province. These black colors granite is widely used in interior and exterior.We export Absolute black granite products widely.Now,we can supply Absolute Black granite tiles,slab, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops,Worktops, bar tops,Island tops,table tops, bathroom sinks, tombstone, headstone, Monument, Bathroom sink, Stairs, faucets. Size for Absolute black(Shanxi black) slabs can be 1200mmup x 2400mmup x20/30mm .Cut-to-size is available.Absolute black tiles and cut-to-size is also so popular in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Africa. Absolute Black granie countertops is so good sell in USA market.China Yasta Stone Company is a professional fabricator in kitchen countertops, as a mine ower and granite countertops fabricator, we can prefabricate all kinds of counterops, edges can be as you like.Such as laminate full bullnose, straight edges, radius, Ogee, waterfall, dupont, cove etc. If you like black granite bathroom vanity tops, Absolute black is your first choice.We have so much experience to provide granite vanity tops for famous hotels in USA. Also our granite marble vanity tops sell well in USA.
Mongolia Black
Mongolia Blck
China Black(Mongolia black) Granite

Mongolia Black is also a pure black granite of China ,it is also called China Black.It is from Mogolia province China.For China black, the block is much small than Absolute black.Usually only supply small slabs,big slabs can not supplied. We can supply China black tiles,slabs,kitchen countertops,Bathroom vanity tops, Island tops, Worktops,bar tops,table tops tombstone, headstone, Monument, Bathroom sink, Stairs of these black colors granite. Size for China black granite tiles and slabs can be 900mm x 2400mmup x20/30mm.And we can supply you all kinds of China black granite countertops, bathroom vanity as your reuirements.
Black Galaxy
Blck Galaxy
Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy is a black colors granite with gold metal point of India colors granite. We supply Black Galaxy tilesBlack Galaxy, slab,Black Galaxy kitchen countertops,Black Galaxy Worktops,Black Galaxy bar tops,Black Galaxy table tops,Black Galaxy Bathroom vanity tops. Size for this black granite tiles and slabs can be 1800mm x 2800mm x20/30mm. We also supply black galaxy tombstone,headstone,Monument,Bathroom sink,Stairs.If you admire the black galaxy countertops, bar tops, worktops. Pls think us as your supplier. We have good blocks resource of these black colors granite. Maybe black galaxy countertops is also a good choice for you kitchenroom, we have made so many black galaxy countertops for our clients in USA and Canada. Any size, edge processing ,Backsplash, sink cut out,stove holes can be as our requirements.
Absolute black tiles
absolute black tiles
1) We are manufacturer and exporter of high quality absolute black tiles according to clients' size, thickness or processing as requirements.
2)Finish: polished, honed, sandblast, bush-hammered,tumbled, flamed,.
3) Tiles Sizes as requirements
4))Thickness such as: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (1/2"), 15mm, 18mm,20mm(3/4"), 30mm etc.
5)Outer packing: Wooden crate.
Absolute black slabs
absolute black slabs
As a leading supplier of absolute black slabs,we produce and export absolute black granite slabs to the world countries such as USA, Canada, Spanish, UK, France, Turkey, Belgium, Deutschland ,Australia etc. We can supply you random size slabs as you like, if you need this colors please contact us righ now , we will give you high quality,competitive price and good service.
1) Finish: polished.
2)Sizes: 1200mm (up) x 2400mm (up), etc,
3)Thickness: 20mm,30mm.
4) Packing: Seaworthy wooden shelves.

Absolute black ktichen countertops
black grantie countertops
black granite countertops
Absolute black kitchen island tops
black granite island tops
1)We have much experience to fabricate black granite countertops,black granite Kitchen Countertops,black granite island tops, work tops, Bar tops , desk tops. And these products are so popular in USA,Canada.
2)Size:96''x26'' ,96''x30" ,96''x36'', 72''x36",or as requirement.
3)Edge side process: eased, fully bull-nosed, laminated bull-nosed, laminated ogee bullnosed, laminated ogee, laminated dupont, 2cm bullnose, ogee bullnose, polished Dupont, 0gee/radius Button, 0gee standard, waterfall, 1/4"x1/4"Bevel top/button, Rockface, 3/8" Radius Top/Button, 3/8" Radius Top, 3/8"x3/8" Bevel Top, Flat standard, 3/4" Dupont, 3/4" 0gee, 3/4" Full Bullnose, 3/4" Half Bullnose, 1/4" Bevel Top, 3/8" Radius Top, 3/4" Flat,Mitered.

Absolute black granite Bathroom vanity tops
black granite vanities 
1)Supply black granite vanity tops standard size width 22",23"23 3/4",24" with sink cut out,ogee edges sink cut out, 3 faucet holes, 2 faucet holes, single faccet hole, or on counter sink cut out.
Absolute black granite Bathroom sinks
black granite sinks  black granite sinks black granite bathroom sinks black granite bathroom sinks
China Yasta stone own a stone carving factory,we have much experience to make all kinds of bathroom sinks,basins,bowls. Absolute black is a popular colors granite to make these products.If you have model or picture and size of sinks,pls tell us. We can make it for you.
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