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Granite Colors
China Granite
Imported Granite
Marble Colors
China Marble
Imported Marble
Quartz Stone&Artifical Stone
Quartz Stone Color
Artifical Stone Crushed Marble
Countertops,Vanity tops
Granite Marble Countertops
Granite Marble Vanity tops
Granite Tiles,Marble Tiles
Granite Tiles
Marble Tiles
Stairs&Thresholds&Window Sills
Stairs,Thresholds,Window Sills
Marble Granite Slabs
Granite Slabs
Marble Slabs
Quartz Stone
Quartz Stone Slabs
Quartz Countertops
Quartz Vanity Tops
Marble Mosaic&Pattern Tile
Marble Mosaic
Marble Pattern Tile
Wall Tiles
Stone Crafts&Monument
Tombstone Headstone Monument
Natural Stone Crafts
Basalt,Lava Stone
Stone Sinks
Stone Faucet
Ceramic Sink
Stainless Steel Sink
Bathroom Accessories
Drawing Edge Process
Kitchen&Bathroom Cabinet
Wooden,Maple,PVC Bathroom Cabinet
Marble Laminated Flooring
Marble Laminated Ceramic
Marble Laminated Aluminum Plastic
Marble Laminated Aluminum Honeycomb
Marble Laminated Glass
Marble Laminated Granite
Tumbled Marble Tiles
Tumbled Marble Tile
Tub Surrounds and Shower Tray
Tub Surrounds and Shower Tray
Slate Plate
Slate Tiles
Culture Slate
Mosaic Slate Tile
Mushroom Slate
Flooring and Wall Cladding
Roofing Slate
Pebble Tile,River Stone
Stone Carving
Stone Sculpture
Stone Photo Carving
Stone Table and Chair
Sandstone Color
Kerbstone,Cube Stone,Curbstone
Cube Stone
Stone Bathtub&Toilet
Stone Knob
Stone Knob
Black Granite
Black Granite
Cube Stone
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Cube Stone Packing
Cube Stone Packing
York Stone
York Stone
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We are manufacturer and exporter of Cube Stone, Granite Cube Stone, Paving Cube Stone, Cubic Stone, Cube Stone Mosaic, Cube Stone With Pattern, Outdoor Paving, Cubestone, Stone Cube, Sandstone Cube Stone, Basalt Cube Stone,Mesh Cube Stone,Slate Cube Stone for garden road, driveway, walkway, plaza, square, Landscaping.
Size, 5x5x5cm, 8x8x8 9x9x9cm, 10x10x4cm 10x10x6cm, 10x10x8cm, 10x10x10cm, 12x12x12cm, 14x14x14cm, 20x20x8cm or customer requirements.
Granite colours in red,black, white, yellow, gray, pink, green, white, yellow and blue such as G601, G601,G603, G606, G608, G611, G612,G614, G617,G623, G633, G635, G636, G640, G648, G654,G655, G656, G657, G664, G681, G682, G684,G687,Zhangpu Black, China Black, G439, Xili Red, Tianshan Red, China Red, Jiangxi Green,Sanbao Red,Maple Red,Bala White ,Putian Rust etc.
Cube Stone Finished 1)all sides with natural split, 2)top side flamed,others sides with sawn cut. 3) top flamed, bottom sawn, and four sides natural split. 4)tumbled. e)top picked(pineapple),others sides natural split. 5)top side bush hammered,others sawn cut. 6) sides with saw´╝?natural split, flamed and brushed, sandblasted, bush-hammered, chisel with customer required.
Pattern Shape Available in fanshaped, rectangle, circular, or customer required.
Cube Stone Packing, strong seaworthy wooden crate with fumigated.
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